Prophets and Messengers of God

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Praise be to God the Creator of the world, the One Who exists without beginning, without end, without location , without a “how” and Who does not depend on time. Nothing resembles Him in anyway and He hears and sees everything without organs. Whatever you imagine, God is different from that. May the elevation in degree and preservation of his community of what he fears for it, be granted to our master Muḥammad Al-‘Amin, the Honest One, who called for following Islam, the religion of truth, the religion of all the Prophets: of the First, Adam, to the last Muḥammad.

It's not right that God would reveal on his Messengers or Prophets different Religions that contradict each other in essentials. A messenger is a prophet who comes with abrogating some of the laws brought by the previous messenger or receives a new set of laws. But the religion is one, believing in the oneness of Allâh.

Hence Allâh sent all the Prophets to follow one religion. The true scriptures were Revelations received by these Prophets. Moses and Jesus both received scriptures, but what are now called the Torah and the Bible have been tampered with by man and are not the true Revelations received by the great messengers Moses and Jesus. The only scripture which is unchanged and will never be changed is the Qur'ân, which is the scripture Allâh gave Muḥammad, His last prophet, in clear and eloquent Arabic.

Allâh has promised to protect the Quran from any changes by man and it has remained unchanged since it was received some 1400 years ago.

And this is a fact; all copies of al-Qur'ân are same, one and only script that was revealed to Prophet Muḥammad by angel Gabriel.

So, Prophets had one Religion, some of the laws between one messenger and the other differed.

For example, at the time of Prophet Adam, Lady Eve, his wife, had many children that were twins. The twins would be female and male at each delivery (except the last one, it was not a twin).

The brother was allowed to marry his sister during that time, but the law he can marry his sister from the other delivery not from the same delivery. That was during Prophet Adams time. And obviously it's not the law of Prophet Muḥammad, or previous Prophets, such as Jesus, Moses, David, Jacob, or Isaac. For, it's forbidden in their laws for the brother to marry from his sister. That's the kind of difference in laws.

Also other differences that they had were like the number of obligatory prayers. Some were obliged to pray 2 times, and some were obliged 5 times and similar differences, that are not in beliefs but in practices of the Religion. They all worshipped Allâh, the creator, the one who brought the creations from the state of non existent to the state of existent.

And those who claim that Jesus came with the right religion, and the proof that Jesus existed and he was as some people claim "the son of God" we ask them to show us the real bible that Jesus had?!

They say that the bible was not collected into one "canon", that affirms that the bible they are referring to is made by man, and is NOT the message of God. Good point? So according to their claim, man made up your religion, it's not the religion of God, that is not the religion that God ordered his people to follow.

Intellectually it's unacceptable that God sent different religions opposing each other to the people to follow! One that believes that there are five Gods, or two Gods, or millions of Gods..! That's not right. So certainly the bible is perverted.

At the time of Prophet Muḥammad, people had different sects and beliefs. The bible was first changed when the real followers of Jesus died. People started to change the book, claiming that it had many obligations on people, so they said we must reduce the obligations and rules on the people so it becomes easy for people to accept it.

And whether these changes are modern or not, they are a clear evidence that the religion Allāh revealed to Prophet Jesus is Islam. Because Religion is sent onto a Prophet to convey it to the People to practice it and follow it. That's why Allâh sends the Prophets, and that's why the one that encounters the call of that Prophet is accountable on the Day of Judgment. As for Islam, it complies with sound mind, it's known in the Qur'ân, which is one book, and is known from the teachings of Prophet Muḥammad, the man of miracles that prove his prophethood.

Some people ignorantly say that the Qur'ân is the word of Prophet Muḥammad, claiming that he composed it. And that's an allegation.

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