How Does One Become a Muslim ? Convert to Islam

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

How Does One Become a Muslim or return to Islam?

One becomes a Muslim by believing in the Two Testifications of Faith and uttering them with the intention of leaving out blasphemy. The Two Testifications of Faith are: I testify that no one is God except God and I testify that Muḥammad is the prophet of God.

If someone does not know how to say Muḥammad he can call the prophet by Abu l-Gaacim: no one is God except God and Abu l-Gaacim is the prophet of God.

One has to believe that the Creator, Allâh, exists, and is not similar to anything. He is the only Creator and the only One Who deserves to be worshipped. He does not need anything and everything needs Him. God has Attributes of perfection that befit Him and any imperfection is not attributable to Him. Any imperfection, such as ignorance, place, direction, body, soul, organ, children, change or weakness, is not attributed to God. The rule is simple: Whatever you imagine in your mind, God is different from it. God sent messengers the first of them was Adam and the last one was Muḥammad. All the messengers, including Jesus and Moses, were truthful, ordered their people to believe in One God, Allāh, and not to associate any partner with Him. Hence, their Religion was the same: Islam.

It is not allowed to delay the convert to Islam of the one who wanted to become a Muslim

Moreover, if a person wishes to become Muslim, he must immediately pronounce the two testimonies [in the language that he understands], and it is not allowed to delay his entry into Islam ; the only condition for becoming a Muslim is to pronounce the two testimonies by believing in them and it is not a condition to wash one’s body, to perfume one’s self, or to circumcise oneself, nor to learn Arabic, nor to know part of the Qur’an, nor the presence of an Imam or witnesses nor to be in a mosque ; thus, the one who delays the convert to Islam of the one who wanted to become a Muslim becomes itself disbeliever, because it leads to approval of disbelief. This was mentioned by Imam an-Nawawiyy in his book Rawḍatu ṭ-Ṭâlibîn. See: Avoid Sin of Apostasy, Blasphemy and Disbelief. Protect his Islam

In his book "Rawḍatu ṭ-Ṭâlibîn" in the chapter of apostasy, Imam An-Nawawi reported:

« ولو قال كافر لمسلم: اعرض علي الإسلام، فقال: حتى أرى، أو اصبر إلى الغد، أو طلب عرض الإسلام من واعظ، فقال: اجلس إلى آخر المجلس، كفر، وقد حكينا نظيره عن المتولي »

which means: « If a disbeliever asks a Muslim: show me how to convert to Islam, and he says to him: "wait for me to think", or "wait until tomorrow", or if this disbeliever asks that to someone making a speech, and the latter replies to him, "Sit until the end of the assembly", he becomes a disbeliever. And we reported the same on this judgment from al Moutawalli. »

Nowadays, there are many people who delay the entry into Islam of non-Muslims who wish to convert, for example by telling them "Are you sure?" or "Think well!" or "go take a shower" or "learn Arabic before" or "go and circumcise yourself" or "why do you want to become a Muslim ?" or "choose a Muslim name before" etc., all this goes into the case of approving the disbelief and it’s an apostasy in itself.

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