The Bridge, Basin, and Intercession

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Praise be to God the Creator of the world, the One Who exists without beginning, without end, without location, without a “how” and Who does not depend on time. Nothing resembles Him in anyway and He hears and sees everything without organs. Whatever you imagine, God is different from that. May the elevation in degree and preservation of his community of what he fears for it, be granted to our master Muḥammad Al-‘Amin, the Honest One, who called for following Islam, the religion of truth, the religion of all the Prophets: of the First, Adam, to the last Muḥammad.

Among what the Prophet conveyed and is obligatory to believe in are: the Bridge, Basin, and Intercession.

The Bridge

It is a bridge that stretches above Hellfire, which all the people will cross. One of its sides is on the changed Earth and the other side is before Paradise and after Hellfire. The people will approach it to cross it but the blasphemers will not be able to get across. The blasphemers will fall off of it into Hellfire. The Muslims, on the other hand, are of two categories:

One category will not need to step on the bridge. Rather, they will fly over it.

Another category will step on it. Some of these will fall into Hellfire, and some will cross it safely.

The Basin

It is a place that Allâh prepared for the people of Paradise, from which they will drink before entering Paradise. Each Prophet has his own basin from which his nation will drink. The biggest one is the basin of our Prophet, Muḥammad, Salla lLâhu `alayhi wa sallam, which receives its water from the water of Paradise. Those who drink from the Basin will never be thirsty again. In Paradise, they will drink out of enjoyment.

The Intercession

Intercession is asking someone to grant good to another. Among those who will intercede on the Day of Judgment are the prophets, practicing scholars, angels, children for their Muslim parents, and martyrs for seventy (70) of their Muslim family members. Intercession is available for the Muslim major sinners who died without repentance.

The Prophet, may Allâh raise his rank, said:

« شَفَاعَتِي لأَهْلِ الْكَبَائِرِ مِنْ أُمَّتِي »

(shafâ`atî li'ahlil-kabâ'iri min ummatî)

Which means: « My intercession is [reserved] for the major sinners of my nation. » [Related by Abu Dawud]

Allâh, ta`âlâ, said in the Qur'ân:

﴿ ولا يَشْفَعُونَ إِلا لِمَنِ ارْتَضَى ﴾

(wa lâ yashfa`ûna illâ limani-rtaDâ)

which means: « They [the intercessors] do not intercede except for those who died Muslim. » [surat al-Anbiyâ, 'ayah 28 ]

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