The Meaning tafsir of surat al-’Ikhlāṣ

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

I start my recitation with the Name of Allāh (the One Who deserves to be worshiped), Who is ar-Raḥmân (the One Who is very merciful to the Believers and non-Believers in this life), and Who is ar-Raḥîm (the One Who is very merciful to the Believers only in the Hereafter).

[0 Muḥammad], say that Allāh is One without a partner to Him in the Self or attributes, and the One Who is indivisible (because He is not a body).

All creations need Allâh and He does not need any of them. He is the One to Whom all resort in all types of adversities. He does not benefit from His creations and does not ward any harm off Himself by them.

Nothing was born out of Him ; so no one inherits Him. He was not born ; so no one shares property with Him. He is not the origin of anything and He did not originate from anything.

He has no equal in any way.

Al-Hāfiḍh Ibnou Ḥajar said in his book Fatḥou l-Bārī: Al-Bayhaqiyy reported in al-'Asmā' wa ṣ-ṣifāt with a ḥaçan transmission chain according to Ibnu `Abbās that the disbelievers came to the prophet and he Say, tell us your Lord, whom you worship. Allāh revealed qul houwa lLāhou Aḥad until the end of the sūrat. The prophet said, "These are the attributes of my Lord` zza wa jall."

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